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Have You Ever Thought To Yourself…

“I want to have ALL the kinds orgasm I hear about other women having, but I can’t seem to feel much beyond my clit.”

“I sort of enjoy sex, I like being close to my partner, I just wish I didn’t feel so much pressure to come.”

“Is it possible my vagina is broken? It never seems to do what I want it to… I have trouble getting wet, sometimes it hurts, what gives!”

“I want to love my body, but it would look so much better if I could just lose 10lbs…”

“Honey, I haven’t had sex in so long, I’m not even sure stuff works down there...”

“Look, let’s just say it, my vagina is ugly. Basically, I think all vaginas are ugly, smelly and overall kinda strange. I’m not sure I’m into ‘getting in touch’ with all that down there.”


Don’t Worry! You Are Not Alone…

It may look like everyone is having more sex, and better sex than you are… but after working with hundreds of people looking to ‘improve’ their intimate relations…. I can confidently say, that most of us are struggling to figure this stuff out.

As much as we may want to love ourselves, love our partners, and experience the fullness of our sexuality, the obstacles and challenges we experience in sex and relationship are real and complex.

And while we may pray for a magic pill to fix everything, the truth is…. the sexual problems we face are multi-layered and the solutions for them must layered as well.

The good news is... some very wise people have already crafted a map to a whole universe of epic sex. This map is quite different from the one we get handed in our current cultures.


This map will take you on an adventure,

that leads to…..

hidden wisdom inside your own body,

increased love for your body and what it’s capable of,

more emotionally connected, fulfilling sex, with or without a partner,

awakening parts of your sexuality that you may not even know exist right now.

If going on a sensual adventure that can lead to new kinds of orgasm, and radiating with the kind of confident glow that comes from a loved up vagina sounds good to you,

then you’ll want to know more about…


a simple step-by step course to introduce you to the wonders of the Jade Egg….

What is a Jade Egg you ask?….. I will share all you need to know about these precious gems in a minute.

But I can say, no matter how strange any of this may sound to you… the path to more pleasure, more potent orgasms, and indulgent amounts of self-acceptance and love starts right here.


you may be weary of trying to fix yourself or your sex life… especially if you’ve struggled with things like:

lack of desire or low sexual energy,


maybe orgasm has felt like a moving target you can’t seem to hit, without the ‘perfect’ conditions in place.


maybe stress, anxiousness, and overwhelm, drown out the possibility of pleasure and sensual play.


maybe discomforts like PMS, vaginal numbness or dryness, or even pain have dampened your mood to engage sexually.


maybe shame and insecurities are dimming your light, and it feels like nothing is ‘switched on’ down there.

But I’m here to tell you, there’s nothing to ‘fix’




Countless women I have worked with myself included, have experienced one or more of the many signals above, which are your body’s way of getting your attention.

The problem is that figuring out what we need, or where to find a solution, can be a confusing, frustrating, and sometimes isolating experience.


if you can relate to any of this, chances are you are no stranger to seeking answers in alternative places…

Maybe you’ve already read books or articles about sexual techniques...

Maybe you’ve tried pleasure wands or vibrators, porn and erotic novels…

Maybe you’ve tried to spice things up with role play, BDSM, or opening your relationship

Maybe you’ve sought support from acupuncture, reiki, crystals, or a new breathing technique!

Maybe you even bought an egg and tried to figure it out on your own, but something still isn’t clicking.

Does it sometimes feel like your body is an elusive mystery?

Our bodies are actually quite wise… they are constantly interfacing with our environments and responding to stimulus.

If our environment is making us stressed, scared, self-critical or self-conscious, accessing pleasure of any kind becomes exponentially more challenging.

If we have destructive thoughts, feelings, judgments, or unresolved traumas lurking in the background of our being, then orgasm, desire, and feeling ‘sexy’ becomes incredibly elusive.

And if you have a female body, the collective pain, shame, misunderstanding, and distorted messaging that is ingrained in our cultures, shapes our sexuality in dis-empowering ways.

Looking through this lens, is it any wonder that 10-41% of women have difficulty accessing orgasm?

And that 5-15% of women will say they have never had an orgasm at all?


I was once in your shoes…

The Jade Egg practices gave me a new relationship with my precious vagina. They introduced me to the pulsing, electric, wisdom that was waiting for me behind a wall of acquired shame and cultural taboos.

My first experience with Jade eggs was in the jungles of Thailand… I know random!

I was traveling around Southeast Asia for several months on a serious self-love journey to mend my broken heart after the end of a 9 year relationship.

In an open air temple space with several other adventurous female seekers, I was shown the wonders of the Jade Egg…. and my mind was blown!

Before that moment I could never have imagined that one day I would insert a natural egg shaped stone into my vagina, in a room with other women that I had recently met;  but luckily my seismic heartbreak was great incentive to overcome my discomfort.

And it’s a good thing too because these Jade Egg practices where a major part of healing my heart, and birthing my new life.

Prior to this initiation, I thought I was good with my body, including my vagina… I had no problem masturbating, or looking at myself. I could experience pleasure and orgasm… but you don’t know, what you don’t know!  

I discovered that there was a deeper relationship to develop with my pussy. One where she was not just an object for pleasure, but a source of power and wisdom.


You may be wondering how placing a gemstone inside your vagina could lead to transforming your sexuality and how you feel about your body….

This deceptively simple little egg contains a big secret that has been passed down through Taoist teachings for over 5000 years now.

What was understood in this ancient spiritual path,

that has been lost in our modern world, is the importance of CONNECTION.

How we are in relationship with our bodies and the world around us, fundamentally changes the quality of our entire lives. And the very essence of what powers our life is sexual energy!

Looking good can be effortless..png


There is a shift taking place in our current culture, women are waking up to desires that have not had permission to exist before this moment in time.

A new understanding is emerging that female sexuality is part of re-claiming our power and sovereignty. In addition to voicing our pain through movements like #MeToo, we are expressing what has been missing from our sexual experiences.

As female sexual empowerment has been on the rise in the mainstream, these eggs have started to gain some serious attention.

Many women have become hip to the power of the Jade Egg to awaken sexual energy, and restore a sense of worth, beauty, and love to a woman’s body. There are several doctors, therapists, and female health practitioners that are now endorsing these eggs.

There’s lots of different ways of working with these eggs, but to really receive their full benefit, it’s best to have a guided approach.

I created the Jade Eggstacy program to continue passing along the wisdom I received about how to work with these precious stones in a holistic way.

The Jade Egg is capable of facilitating deep transformation for mind, body, and spirit; if we approach working with it with reverence and proper guidance.

The things we struggle with in sex and relationship are multi-layered. And the solutions we need are layered as well, which is why it’s so valuable to have practices that have been passed down through generations of teachers before me, to share with you.

These practices are easy to learn, and similar to yoga in the way they use movement, breath, sensory awareness, visualization, and energy cultivation. And they are the secret to unlocking the parts of our sexuality that can otherwise be hard to reach.

While there is no magic pill that will fill your vagina with a rainbow of pleasure…there is a yellow-brick road that leads to a more receptive, healthy, loving, vagina if you’ll let me be your guide on this 5 week journey.

login page.png

The Jade Eggstacy program is an easy-to-follow virtual format, with instructive videos, live group support, Q&A calls, and the option of private coaching.

My desire is for you to have the information and support you need, to have the best experience possible in your exploration of the Jade Egg… and in the process just maybe radically shift the way you experience this precious part of your body.

The Journey.jpg


And you don’t have to do it alone, which is why I walk you through everything you need to know about creating your own jade egg practice with a community of other adventurous women taking the journey with you.

I wanted to take the guesswork out of how to approach using the Jade Egg so you could receive the most benefit from it.

After working with hundreds of women around sexuality and their relationships with their body, it’s become clear that there are core fundamentals we must all learn... on the way to mind-blowing orgasms and loving the skin we are in.

The Jade Egg is a super fun way to lay that foundation if you know how to approach it. The structure I’ve created will help you gradually advance in your Jade Egg practice, at a pace that’s right for you.

IMG_2781 (1).jpg

a sneak peak inside…


MODULE 01: Get Grounded

We’ll lay the foundation for your Jade Egg practice.
We’ll explore the core fundamentals that will help you ground in the skills needed for working with the Jade egg and your body to receive the most from your practice. We’ll cover stuff like how to charge your egg with love, how to work with breath, sensate-focus, and gentle movement to drop into a sensual space. The practices this week are balancing and grounding, and will help you become comfortable working with the egg.


MODULE 02: Open To Love

We’ll work with your breasts and heart center, and begin to dissolve sneaky blocks to love. We’ll also work with how to ignite sexual energy in the pelvis with the help of your egg. As we work with how to cultivate both arousal and love at the same time, we deepen the connection between your heart and sex. This lays the ground for deepening in self-love, being the source of your own fulfillment, and brings a nice dose of oxytocin. Side effects may include a sense of happiness, peace, and well-being throughout the day.

sy tub 15 -med.png

MODULE 03: Sexual Healing

Here we will learn how to build a sexual charge in the body, and also what to do with it once you are 'switched on'. The aliveness in your turn-on can be used to restore your energy if you are depleted; it can be used to heal traumas on an emotional and physical level; and it can liberate heavier emotions like sadness and grief. To feel more pleasure, we must give ourselves space to release trapped pain. The practices in this module will support the body in healing on a physical and emotional level, which will allow us to open to more heightened states of pleasure and orgasm.


MODULE 04: Eggstacy & Orgasm

Whether you’ve not had an orgasm, have them occasionally, or have no problem having them but want to explore a wider universe of what’s possible; the practices in this module will lay the ground in your body for expanding your orgasmic capacity no matter where you fall on the spectrum. We’ll dive into more advanced practice, that over time can lead to full body orgasm, cervical orgasms, and the kind of orgasmic energy that stays with you throughout the day.



We’ll learn how cultivate strength, and power through your vagina while retaining a softness and relaxation in your body. These advanced practices lay the ground for weight-lifting with your vaginal muscles which helps build tone, a healthy pelvic floor, and lots energy in your sexual organs. Over time these practices, will help your body generate and hold larger amounts of sexual charge aka power. They’ll also help you develop the kind of tone in your vagina that will can create more pleasure for you and your lover during penetrative sex.





A guided meditation to help you become a source for love. This simple meditation helps you begin to unravel the details of the love you have received, the love you missed receiving, and the love you have access to inside you.



A journal practice that will help you uncover how you have become the sexual being you are. This practice is great for illuminating what has shaped your sexuality, and bringing awareness to what may be holding you back sexually.

Rome wasn’t built in one night, and neither is an awakened vagina….

consistent practice banner.png

We have carefully crafted this course with love, to support you in developing a heart-healing connection with your vagina.

All you have to do is engage with it, and the support we provide sincerely enough to receive the benefits.


to be the first

when registration re-opens.



Five modules covering the basics, all the way to more advanced practices

Over 30 videos & audios of instruction and practice time

(2) Q&A video calls (recordings will be posted after, if you can’t attend live)

Private Facebook Group for sharing




If you are ready to dive into an adventure of transformation and sexual awakening
then join us!

And if you are interested in adding a private session or two, to your Jade Eggstacy journey, all participants receive a 20% discount off the normal rate of $150/ session. Email us at info@spaceforlove.com to this up. (sessions must occur within 2 months of the start of the course.)






Where do I buy my Jade Egg?

What you put in your vagina is super important to us:) So we’ve partnered a distributor we trust to give you easy access to ordering a 100% Pure Nephrite Jade Egg! You can purchase one on the same page where you purchase our program.




What size egg should I purchase?


Yoni eggs generally come in Small, Medium, & Large…. unlike clothing they have nothing to do with your body size; but rather the egg size, which determines how easy, or challenging it will be to feel and hold the egg inside you. For most women M, tends to be a good size to work with, whether you are newer or more advanced. If you have recently birthed a child vaginally, or know you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, working with a large egg will make it easier to feel and squeeze the egg. Small eggs are for once you have developed your sensitivity and muscle tone for more refined practice.




I already have an egg, do I need to buy another one?


The quality, density, and manufacturing of an egg matters, and we want only the best for your lady parts. There are eggs on the market made of materials that can be toxic to our bodies over time. So unless you are confident that your egg came from a trusted source, and is GIA certified, we recommend adding an egg to your course purchase even if you already own other Yoni Eggs, because we can stand by their quality. That said ultimately, it is totally your choice.




Why Jade Eggs? What if I want to use another type of stone?


Eggs made from other natural stones like rose quartz or obsidian, each have their own energetic properties and benefits. We recommend working the Jade Egg for the harmonizing benefits of the Jade stone, which makes it a good fit for the kind of work we will be doing.  It is also one of the most dense and least porous of the natural stones which helps with durability, and cleanliness.




Do I need a partner to do this course?


No. The beauty of this work is that it benefits you and your body first and foremost. Whether someone has a partner or not I often recommend that they approach this work on their own first. You will learn things that you could use with a partner and the ground you lay in your body will change what’s possible to experience with a partner; but you do not need one to enjoy the benefits.




When can I start the course? How long does it go for?


The course officially begins on Fri. Jan 25, from this date on you’ll be able to access the course homepage with login information that will be sent to you. Each week we will add a new module to the course site and once all the modules are available you will have on-going access, so you can advance at your own pace, and return to previous weeks.




How much time do I have to invest for this to work?


We recommend that you set aside about an hour each week to watch all the videos in the module. You can do this is one sitting or break it up. To receive the most benefit we also recommend setting an additional 10-30 min aside daily during the course to engage the practices. If this is not possible, you’re welcome to adjust for what your schedule allows. We offer suggestions inside the course for how to weave this work into your daily life, which is how you will receive the most benefit from it.




I’m new to all this, is it ok for beginners?


Yes! The instruction is simple enough that if you are new to all of it, you have all the guidance you need to go from newbie, to confident in your practice. There are also portions that can be used for more advanced practice once you build up the ability in your body.




How long can I take to do the course?


Once you have your login, you’ll be able to access the course indefinitely. Periodically there may be upgrades to the material as it is offered over time. And you will have access to any new material as perk of being an alumni.




How do you insert & remove the egg?


I go over this and how to care for your egg in great detail inside the course.




Do you have a discount available or offer scholarships?


Any special rates or scholarships are offered on a periodic basis, and will be announced through email to our subscribers, or directly on the website. If you are interested in the course, and financial hardship is an obstacle, please email us about your situation and we can help you determine if aid is possible: info@spaceforlove.com


Real Women, Real Experiences

These are testimonials of women who have done the same or similar practices as those in the Jade Eggstacy program. Names have been omitted for those wishing to remain anonymous.


from disconnected to sensually radiant….

“I was experiencing a great deal of disconnection from my body, I was lethargic most of the day and had trouble feeling sensual. In my state of disconnection I felt like I lost the charm and beauty that at one point in time easily attracted men to me. After working with Kamali and actively practicing the home play exercises my energy shifted. I noticed an immediate difference.  While working with her I had several men flirt with me, and went out on two unexpected dates. The work we did together awakened me, allowing me to feel more in my body, and re-connect to my sensuality.”

- Shannon C.

I had my first full body orgasm!

“Not only did I finally experience a full body orgasm, but I learned how to be more vulnerable with my partner during intercourse, and to share what I needed in a way that I was able to orgasm for the first time ever.”

~ Marie

The most empowering sexual experience I’ve ever had…

“My partner and I had the best sex we've ever had, after doing this work. It was like nothing I had ever experienced… I was shaking, like I was before I gave birth, with energy. With power. I understand now what they mean by having a spiritual experience. I understand I am the only thing that was in the way of feeling connected. I felt this enormous love, and those goosebumps I can only say I've experienced after a hard workout, just by learning to let my body lead me… and to follow pleasure, no matter what it looks like!”

~ Brittany B.

I discovered the power in my womb…

“The potent power I felt from bringing attention to the energy within my womb and within my body, was the best thing I could have received. The deep sense of awareness that I discovered, the feminine that was unleashed. It was surprising to experience, the energy and sexiness that is available within my own body through the simple act of focusing my attention and allowing.”

~ Kelly M.



Still wondering if this is for you…



After a 15 yr career in entertainment, Kamali took the leap from life-long practitioner to teaching and coaching.

She has learned from a number of gifted spiritual teachers along the way. She did her 200 YTT with Shivakali Yoga, Tantra teacher training with Embody Tantra, is a certified Sacred Feminine facilitator through Tao Tantric Arts and the Universal Tao, and is a trained Reiki Master.

Her approach to healing is about making ancient wisdom relevant to our modern lives by guiding practices that have been used for thousands of years to reach enlightened states, in ways that are accessible and fun.







The Information contained here is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. If dealing with any health problems or disease please consult a physician, holistic/naturopathic practitioner or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of your health issue. None of this information has been evaluated or approved by the FDA.